Please recommend to your friends, the deadline is coming up so act fast! The Korean classes are taught by professionals and are available for every level- beginner, intermediate, advanced.

평소에 한국어를 배우고 싶었던 외국친구들이나 자녀분등에게 추천해주세요 (비신자 가능)!  

We offers 한국어 능력시험(TOPIK Test) preparation! 

• For: Anyone  19 and Older (not limited to religion)

•Course Length : October, 19th –  December, 21st

 Class Time: Every Saturday 5:30 – 7:00 pm

 Fee : $80(Registration- $50, Textbook-$30)

 *Registration options: - online (www.sakc.org/koreanschoolregistration), by mail, by email or in person. Registration ends Oct 18th) 

 Location : St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church (2249 Duluth Hwy Duluth, GA 30097)

 Contact Information : Julie(sejong9805@yahoo.com), Mariana(hjakim84@hotmail.com)

Thank You & 감사합니다!